Apple has just come out with Ping, their new music social media network (aka a clone of*). They decided to use Lady Gaga as their example on what following a celebrity page would look like.
The problem is when you compare it to here actual tweets and see which ones they conveniently cut out:
Oh Apple. Gambling and strip clubs make the cut, but not gay rights? Nope, chop those out with the references to hookers, manwhores, and gingers.

Seriously, if your motivation is to not show any political tweets, why not find a point in time where she made three non-political PG rated tweets in a row? …Okay, this is Lady Gaga we’re talking about, so maybe you could have just chosen some other famous singer. Instead you choose a PR disaster.

And just when I thought an iPhone was in my future. May have to reconsider an Android…

*Now you can spy on what music I listen to too, woo.

(Via violet blue (NSFW))