This is too good not to share. PBH3 has found an 1938 Dating Guide for single women, and it’s a goldmine of unintentional hilarity. Here’s an example of one of the tips:
Pssshhh, who cares about women’s interests! All they do is talk about clothes anyway!

Go check it out. If it doesn’t make you laugh, it’ll at least make you thankful for how far we’ve come. If I had to live up to 1938 dating standards, I think I would end up being a lonely cat lady. I mean, how do they expect women do get through the night without passing out from drinking too much?!?

I mean why did they think that this was a useful tip? Could you imagine if these were the tips that women were given today? Thank god things are different now, it’s so easy to meet people and so easy to be able to talk about what you want. Back in those days, you would have had to wait for your mother’s approval and gone out with who she thought was best, now you can easily meet up with people on Snapchat and other social media!

Did you realize that it is so easy to meet people online nowadays? Even on Snapchat you could find the love of your life, all you have to do is make sure you have the correct username of the person you are trying to connect with (you can easily find snapchat usernames here) and as long as you have a connection and a common interest then you’ll be all sorted! Crazy how simple it is nowadays.

It’s a good thing that times have changed, otherwise dating would still be just the same, boring. But at least you get some pretty comical dating tips out of it!