Starting weight: 186.4 lbs
Last week’s weight: 181.8 lbs
Current weight: 182.8 lbs
Weight loss this week: -1.0 lbs


But I’m not worried – so many things cause minor fluctuations in weight, and I was down to 180.2 earlier this week. Since then I started EA Sports Active (less evil now that I’m on Easy mode, but still effective) . From the level of soreness that’s producing, I’m probably gaining muscle weight, which is good!

…And I totally gorged myself on Indian food for dinner last night, so I blame that too.

So, I’m not disappointed. I’m still on a good trajectory. I’ve been eating a lot better and actually doing more than sitting in front of my computer (though I still do that a lot).

Though JT pointed out that Lyz has added a Final Weigh-In to the SSA SoCal conference schedule. What is this nonsense, Lyz?! Not all scales are calibrated the same! And people weigh more in the afternoon! And I’ll be wearing significantly more clothing than when I usually weigh myself! AND YOU PUT IT AFTER LUNCH! That’s just cruel.

Don’t make me play the “I’m technically your boss’s boss” card ;P

…Time to go eat a salad and play DDR.