Today is the first day of my weight loss challenge with JT Eberhard. I’m already a day ahead, because JT is spent all day driving to his new home in Columbus, OH. Victory is mine! …Of course, he’ll probably more than make up for it with all the calories he burns unpacking. Hm.

Anyway, this isn’t going to turn into a weight loss blog, but I will, however, update you on my progress every Saturday, mainly so you can yell at me if I’ve been slacking off. For those who are concerned that I’m going to be frantically starving myself in an attempt to win a bet…don’t worry. I like food way too much to do that. And the goal isn’t just to lose weight – I live way too sedentary of a lifestyle, and I want to get in shape. I mean, my 64 year old father is infinitely more active than I am – he golfs or plays tennis every day. I mean, that’s great for him, but I shouldn’t be winded walking up hills at age 23.

My goal is to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, since anything more than that 1. Isn’t healthy and 2. Isn’t sustainable. I’m going to adopt three basic healthy habits (though for more, totally check out Greta Christina’s Fat Positive Feminist Skeptical Diet):

1. Reduce pop consumption. No drinking pop while in lab or class, and no buying pop at the grocery store. I’m not strong willed enough to remove it entirely, but it’s better to have it be a treat at an occasional dinner than a staple.

2. Bring lunch to work at least 4 out of 5 days of the week. We have a cafe in our building that’s delicious, but it’s also totally fattening. Not only will this be healthier, but I’ll also save money.

3. Exercise for at least a half hour every day. I’m kind of a hermit and hate people watching me at the gym, so my two weapons of choice are EA Sports Active 2 (in the mail, recommended by a friend) and Dance Dance Revolution. I used to play DDR a ton in high school. In fact, me not playing it is pretty well correlated with me gaining weight. I played a half hour today, and man, do I suck after not practicing for so long. I’m motivated to exercise just so I can start scoring As on Heavy again.

Also, totally need to remember to wear my sports bra while playing. Didn’t really have boobs when I used to play…ouch. I’m going to be honest here and say that the idea of wearing a sports bra never really appealed to me, but I knew I needed one. But it wasn’t until my friend told me to customize one, with the help of a place like Imprint, (click right here for more information) to see if this idea would appeal to me more. And I have to say, it definitely does. I could even put a logo on there if I wanted to, but that’s for the future I think. It’s just strange having to look for one, especially as I never had to before. I quickly vetoed the idea of recording myself playing as proof, as much as some of my readers may enjoy that.

I bought a cheap scale too. The scientist in me is already annoyed by its accuracy and precision, but it’s good enough. I really just wanted to be able to make a nifty graph, because I’m kind of a nerd about data. And before any “never ask a lady her weight” nonsense starts, I’ll just tell you. Partially because I don’t give a damn, and partially because I want to track my progress here.

Starting weight: 186.4 lbs
Goal for SSA SoCal con: 175ish

To put that in perspective, I was 165 when I started college. I could have stood to lose a few pounds even then, but I was also two cup sizes smaller, so it probably cancels out.

I can’t wait to put all the weight back on via alcohol once I defeat JT. Mwahaha!