Looks like I’m definitely going to be a TA next semester! It’s exciting and a bit frightening at the same time. Both of my parents are retired teachers, so I’ve always been curious to do some teaching of my own. I really enjoy explaining biological concepts to people, and I feel like I’m good at telling what’s confusing people. I figure this will be great experience since I’ll probably have to do it in grad school, and hopefully I’ll love it like I think I would. Otherwise I may have to rethink my life goal of professor-dom. Or I can be one of those jerk professors who are all about research and begrudgingly teach classes, but that’s kind of sad.

The class is the Cell Structure and Function Laboratory. Hell yeah, doesn’t that sound fascinating? It’s the fall sophomore lab everyone is required to take. I didn’t want to teach the little freshmen who knew absolutely nothing, and this class was actually pretty good when I took it. It’s also not too mentally strenuous. Basically you set up your gel, sit around while your gel is running, and then interpret your gel. Oh, and a lot of stuff with hemoglobin and peroxidase isoenzymes. Exciting stuff.

I just hope I’m a good TA. I don’t want to be the jerk or the confused one who comes off as being really stupid. I want to be the cool TA, the one that actually remembers your name and jokes with you and is useful. Oi. And then the fear settles in that I’m being trusted with a new generation of scientists… As long as I don’t spill ethidium bromide all over them, I’m probably okay.