…It’s one of five states where human evolution is mentioned directly in the state curriculum for school. I want to be proud that Hoosiers didn’t manage to mess this up, but I’m too overwhelmed by the fact that thirty-two states don’t mention human evolution in their curriculum at all. How can the US expect to produce competent biologists and doctors when children aren’t learning the most fundamental and important biological principle? Surely they need to reconsider the education in these areas. I mean, many people are taking an EDUX Summer Course With Dominican University of California, right? And many of them are looking into becoming science teachers. Why can’t we bring in more people like them across the country as a whole?

It’s even more depressing when I think about what my evolution education was like. Pretty much one or two days out of a whole year of AP Biology. I don’t remember discussing it at all in freshman biology, which is the class everyone is required to take, let alone in other areas of education. You’d think that it would have to be more of a focus when you consider all the scientific evidence that exists to prove it happened. But no. It sadly isn’t the case. So instead, we get a few bare days discussing it on a shallow level at best. That’s enough to make us green? No wonder Americans don’t accept evolution. Hopefully, this can change in the future for the sake of our country.

(Via Why Evolution is True)