It’s time for a coffee break!

I wish it were intraveniously. Also, I love how that cartoon looks like me! Well, as much as a stick figure can look like someone. (Can anyone let me know the source? A friend sent it along and I’d like to give proper attribution to the artist).

Anyway, I figure instead of just telling you how I’m nursing a mocha, I’d share with you my favorite Seattle coffee spots around the city. Seriously though, this city really is the country’s coffee capital, there is no disputing it! Every cup I drink just makes me dream about opening a shop someday myself. Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll be a franchise owner!

1. Bauhaus (Capitol Hill): This is definitely number one. I almost always get mochas, and they make the best. They have the perfect creamy texture, a delicious coffee taste, and not an overwhelming amount of chocolate. I love working and blogging there, since it’s the coziest environment with great music (and is conveniently by my apartment).

Photo from here.

2. Cafe Vita (Fremont): Also delicious and cozy. One of their shops is conveniently by my boyfriend’s place (though they have more around the city), so that’s where I currently refueled:

3. Cafe Solstice (U District): When I want good coffee while at work, this is my go-to place. I’d go there more frequently but I’m usually too lazy to walk up the Ave, so I settle for the crappy coffee that I can conveniently get in the cafe within my building. I wish our building had this coffee company as our provider. I did a lot of General Exam studying in here.

4. The Muddy Cup (Wallingford): I used to live right by this place, and spent a good chunk of last year’s Blogathon there. I love how cozy it is, and the owner is super nice. My favorite thing to get there is their Endless Iced Coffee – the ice cubes are made of coffee, so it really does last forever as it melts!

If you’re a Seattleite, what’s your go-to coffee place?

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