Perfect timing after yesterday’s post:

The only person I know who uses the term sex positive sucks dick for money. Which I’m sure you’d want your daughter to do in spite of the risks. Or rather, you’d blame the pervading nature of our sex negative society for the consequences rather than the seedy act of selling oneself. Personally I find the term idiotic. Sex is like any other powerful thing, it can be used in both positive and negative ways. Fucking for pleasure=positive. Fucking your sisters’ boyfriend because you’re pissed at her=negative. It’s a serious act with consequences. Seriously, grow up you chowderhead. Oh, and atheists are nothing but the photographic negative of religious zealots. And most gender and race issues only serve the purpose of dividing people and distracting them from more important economic issues.

I figured I should share, instead of be greedy and keep the hilarity to myself.