I just saw this on the news at the airport, and I knew I had to look it up. An Indiana mom is upset at a fundraiser the Elwood school system has been using for the last 15 years. What could this evil fundraiser be? The middle school sex-a-thon? A baby eating contest? Selling the souls of students for charity?

Nope, it’s a silly matchmaking survey.

I laughed when I saw this story because my Indiana middle school and high school did this same exact fundraiser. The questions were horrible things like “How often do you play videogames?” and “Do you like reading books for fun?” We’d then see if any of our best friends made the top ten, giggle, and then forget about it a day later.

But this mom is concerned because it’s obviously a survey that promotes underaged sex and teen pregnancy. Are you kidding me? It’s a totally optional for charity and for fun. Of course, fun leads to sex. No fun allowed.

Anyway, the idea that middle schoolers still see each other as having cooties is ridiculous. I had classmates who were dating in he 4th grade. Wake up, mom. If you’re concerned with your child’s sexuality, teach them sex ed. Don’t ban everything that may vaguely be associated with relationships.