On a typical day I’d still be sleeping for four more hours, but right now I’m in the airport. And in a couple more hours, I’ll be in DC for the Women in Secularism conference! I’m super excited (well, excited as you can be at 5am and about to fly to an opposite coast). The lineup is amazing, and I’m honored to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see all of my godless friends!

Watch #WISCFI on Twitter for con updates. Of course, we won’t be tweeting the top secret lesbian rituals or our plan for worldwide castration, but…

I’ve said too much.

My flight will be just as fun. I get to read a dozen papers on multiplexing microRNA for high throughput sequencing to study for my general exam! Wooooooooo! …man, when I scheduled this conference a year and a half ago, my schedule was a little less hectic. Oh well. Honestly I’ll probably get more studying done while trapped on a plane without distraction (aka the internet).

If you’re at the con, say hi!