Alright, I’m sure at least one of my followers has to know a thing or two about computers…so please help me! Here’s my problem:

I had a canon camcorder for the Pastafarian Preaching day. When I plugged it into my computer with a firewire cable and turned it on, my computer recognized it and I was able to transfer that day.

Fast forward to today. I have a different camcorder, but very very similar model. This one is a Canon Vixia HV30. I connected it in the same exact way with a firewire cable (different one, provided with this camcorder – I don’t have the previous one) and my computer will not recognize it. It’ll do the little “You connected something!” beep, but that’s it. When I open Window’s Movie Maker and try to capture video, it says I have nothing connected. The website says drivers should automatically download and there’s nothing on the site you can download. I’ve tried restarting both the computer and the video camera. It’s recorded on a tape, not an SD card. I’m on Windows XP.

If you want the video of me giving my Creation Museum talk…help!