I feel like this is an abuse of my blogging powers…but oh well, what fun is having lots of readers if you don’t ever try to crowd source them?

The lease on my spider-infested apartment ends August 31, and I’m moving to Capitol Hill with my friend. We’ve been doing the typical internet searching, but a lot of places in Capitol Hill don’t advertise online because they’re in such high demand. So please let me know if you’re moving out of a great place, your friend is, or maybe you just saw a vacancy sign while walking around. We’re looking for a two bedroom place for less than $1500 a month that at the soonest is available Aug 1.

Although at the moment we can only afford an apartment, we would definitely love to own a house of our own one day. Some friends of ours recently purchased their first house using a home loan from a real estate company like Reali, so that would definitely be something that we would consider doing in the future too. There are a few houses I have my eye on, so who knows what might happen over the next few years.

Anyway, if you have any general tips about moving, moving in Seattle, or Capitol Hill, feel free to leave those too! Thanks :D