And like Beetlejuice, I appear out of nowhere magically! Along with the five billion other Jennifers.

It really bugs me to have such a common name. There always seems to be at least one other Jennifer in my classes. The laboratory where I work had three Jennifers in it at one point in time out of 20 people. Hell, in the Blogathon chat room 2/17 people are named Jennifer. It’s gotten to the point where if I walk down the street and someone says Jennifer, don’t even bother to turn because it’s rarely ever for me. This annoys the heck out my friends who are actually trying to get my attention.

So one day I asked my dad, why the hell did you name me Jennifer? Why such a common name? Did it have some sort of significance for you?


Both of my parents are teachers.

When you have so many students, less common names always conjure the image of a specific student. Veronica? Ugh, sooooo annoying. Courtney was a nerd. Meredith? Not the brightest crayon in the box. But Jennifer? So many of them, no one student popped in mind!

So thank you mom and dad. I was named to be bland and unmemorable.

Just kidding, I think this is pretty hilarious. Better than just naming someone after a relative, I think.

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