Blogathon put up a challenge to post your workspace and blog about it to get sponsored, so here’s my beautiful (aka cluttered desk):
If you can’t read my white board calendar, it says August. Yes, of 2008. I don’t exactly keep it updated now that I got Sunbird. Also, wood paneling. I never said I lived in a trendy apartment. It’s honestly the one thing I don’t like about the place.

Let’s look a bit closer:
The paper pile! Topped off with a photo of a kangaroo rat that was the final slide to my power point presentation, and a comic I’m going to draw later. Phone, growing money pile, Sims 3 crack, Advil (going to need that later), handy dandy calculator, and my savior for the night: Pepsi.Bars of soap, so I can always stay clean! …Actually they’re just extras from hiking in Alaska. Drawing tablet will get some use later. I like my peg board – a combination of family photos, postcards, and liberal propaganda.

It’s like I Spy! …Except not as exciting. Sorry guys, did you expect me to just keep my porn stash lying around on my desk or something?

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