Twitter is down and both of my friends have left me to go to sleep. I suddenly feel very alone. In order to pretend I’m conversing with someone, time for some quick questions!

What kind of clothing do you find sexy?

I like it when guys dress up nice. Like, snazzy button down shirt and dress pants. Maybe even a suit. Maybe even a fedora. It’s just nice to see something other than a nerdy t-shirt for a change (which is pretty much all I wear too, so nothing personal guys).

What is your favorite ice cream?

Chocolate with peanut butter swirled in. Not peanut butter cups – actual huge chunks of peanut butter. At Purdue, Silver Dipper does it best. Back in Munster, Oberweis is the definite winner.

What is your favorite video game?

I’m horrible at picking just one, so I won’t. My three favorite series are Civilization, Final Fantasy (including Tactics), and Pokemon. Yep, I like strategy games. Trust me, you don’t want me relying on reflexes. Unless you want to be entertained – in that case throw Resident Evil 4 into my hands.

Favorite album of all time?

My tastes change so frequently that my answer would change every year. The most recent album I’m obsessing over is Scissor Sister’s Night Work, which is fabulous. I’m a huge fan of the Scissor Sisters, and their new album definitely did not disappoint me. Unfortunately, I can’t same for some of the other bands I liked (I’m looking at you, The Killers).

Which do you prefer: I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant or Toddlers & Tiaras?

Toddlers & Tiaras. Both shows are horrifying, but for different reasons. When you watch T&T, you can scream at the screen and laugh at how awful some of the mothers act. It’s sad that those little girls are being forced into stupid pageants – but unlike IDKIWP, it doesn’t really affect you. I mean, have you seen IDKIWP? It’s fucking terrifying! “So, I was on the pill, and we were using condoms, and I had my period every month, and I didn’t gain weight, and I didn’t have morning sickness, and then out popped a baby!” Gaaah, what the fuck? That show should be used as a type of birth control, because you’ll be too afraid to have sex after watching it.

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