You know you’ve reached an extreme level of laziness when you work using the idea of limiting reagents. I’ll put something off as long as possible until I’ve run out of some substance that is just too important to do without. For example:

Limiting Reagent: Panties. Girls can’t really get away with wearing underwear more than a day. Ew. Laundry day!

Limiting Reagent: Whatever you don’t have a disposable version of.
Don’t have any plates left? No problem, you have paper plates! Out of paper plates? If your food isn’t too messy, paper towels will do! I find that cups tend to be the most common limiting reagent, since I usually don’t have plastic cups sitting around, and I’m not to the level where I’ll drink milk out of the bottle.

Limiting Reagent: Money
Money? Yes, there is no such thing as a food limiting reagent. Even if your cupboards are bare, you can always order something or go out. That is, until, you realize it would be cheaper to get off your lazy ass and just go grocery shopping.

That being said, it’s time for a Walmart run. Not because of any of these things, though…but because I have fallen victim to the Limiting Reagant that trumps all Limiting Reagents: tampons. Curses! Oh well, I was almost out of toilet paper too anyway, and I’m not going to start substituting stuff for that…eww.