I’m home for the weekend for Easter. Ironic, I know, but my family isn’t really religious at all. This is mostly an excuse to get together, gorge ourselves with delicious food, and play with my twin nephews. They’re one and a half now, and I’m so excited to see them running around like crazy! My parents only live about an hour and a half away, so it’s not really a long trip. Though every time I drive home, I do get to see my favorite sign that tells me I’m getting close:
Wow, thank you, road sign. You know, I’ve considered myself an atheist my entire life, but your gawdy, giant glory on the side of the highway has made me reconsider. Thank you.

I probably shouldn’t be on the computer, since I haven’t really seen my parents in months, but they’re currently enthralled by the Biggest Television Event for Suburban White People Over 50 (aka, the Masters). I played competitive golf in high school, but watching it on TV is torture, ugh. No Mom, I don’t care that blade of grass fell on Tiger’s pants funny and gave him a grass stain. Sigh.

Well, I’m going to go be social and suffer through some golf. As an present, I’ll show you what I’ll see on the sign when I drive back to Purdue:

Every time I pass this I think, “Yes, and I’m currently entering it.”

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