So last night after midnight I checked my Google Analytics page like I compulsively do every night (I have a weird thing for data…mmm, data!). I thought I’d have a couple more hits since my book review seemed to be fairly popular. I was getting about 100 a day, then 500 the day Pharyngula linked to me about the urban dictionary entry. I was thinking maybe it would be 800 now or something.

Holy shit.

10,000 hits yesterday! I went from 20 sites referring to my blog to 155. What the hell? I totally didn’t expect that to happen. I honestly thought the only people who’d read that post were my friends who had been listening to me whine about the book while I was reading it. Especially since it was so gigantic, and most internet people scream “tl;dr” at anything more than three paragraphs. Hell, I wasn’t even trying to be funny. I just needed to rant in my ranty way, which apparently is amusing?

Wow. Well…uh, hello random internet people!

The only scary part is that 90% of the Google searches that led people here involved the now infamous phrase “gobbler of whangs.” I’m not so sure how I feel being so closely associated with that…hmmm…

Friend: you’re close to being a D-list internet celebrity now
Me: yay

Me: I’m terrified that when the author finds my review, he’s going to email me crying and threatening to kill himself or something
Friend: If he does, post it!