It’s an unholy hour for me. Well, I guess technically each of my hours is unholy…but damn, it’s early. It’s not a problem though, because I’m ready for BLOGATHON!

That’s right. From 6am PST Saturday to 6am Sunday, I’ll be frantically writing a new post in order to raise money for the Secular Student Alliance. Just like you’d donate money to support a runner in a marathon, I’m asking you to donate to support my caffeine-fueled adventure. And you have options! Make a a flat donation, donate every time you read a post you really enjoy, donate every time a kitten photo appears, request a topic for me to write about…have fun with the process! And even if you can’t afford to donate (ever penny helps!) you can help by spreading the word via Facebook and Twitter, and you can comment along so I don’t feel totally alone. This is especially important from my international readers, so I don’t feel like I’m blogging into the abyss at 4am PST.

The overall goal of SSAweek was to raise $100,000 for the SSA, and we’re almost there. We only have $15,000 left in our goal, and I want my blogathon to be what puts us over the edge. This is especially important since we have a matching offer going on right now, so ever dollar you donate is doubled! So donate now using the widget in the right sidebar or by clicking here.

And in case you get sick of me today, there are others who are blogathoning as well. The fantastic Natalie Reed will be typing away, and the lovable Sarah Moglia will be livestreaming. I won’t be livestreaming because I do most of Blogathon unkempt and pantless. Sorry for ruining the magic. Still, hopefully someone will know how to record streaming video so those who can’t be there for the live event can watch it afterwards.

Anyway…let the games begin!

This is post 1 of 49 of Blogathon. Donate to the Secular Student Alliance here.