My readership has grown a lot since last year, so let me explain for the newbies. Every summer I do something called Blogathon, a 24 hour blogging marathon for charity. Starting Saturday, July 23rd at 7:00am PST, I will make a new post approximately every 30 minutes until Sunday, July 24 at 7:00am PST. This isn’t a clever use of autoposting or writing things ahead of time – I’ll be coming up with new material all day.

Why am I so keen on spamming your Google Reader? Like I said, it’s for charity! Just like you’d pledge money to support someone who’s running in a marathon, you get to pledge money to support… someone who will be frantically typing in her pajamas while guzzling caffeinated beverages.

Hey, do what you’re good at, right?

And like the last two years, I’ll be raising money for the Secular Student Alliance, a non-profit organization that helps college and high school secular groups, primarily in the US but also globally. I’m on the SSA Board of Directors so I can attest to how amazing it is. And I hope this year’s Blogathon can crush our previous accomplishments:

2009: $531.17

2010: $2809.10

Assuming linear growth, that means we should definitely be able to reach at least $5,000 this year! …Shush, don’t lecture me on the hazards of putting a trendline through two data points.

So, what’s in it for you, my dear readers?

  1. You get lots of posts from me, and I do try my best to not resort to filler. Well, unless the previous post took a little longer to write because it’s more in depth. Or I have to take a particularly long potty break. …Though I do have a laptop now, hmmm…
  2. You get to watch my inevitable and hilarious decline into sleep deprived delirium.
  3. You get to feel proud about donating to a wonderful cause that’s fostering our next generation of secular leaders. D’aawwwwww.

You can donate by using the ChipIn widget below:

How much should you donate? It’s up to you! Whether it’s five dollars or five hundred, everything is appreciated. Or maybe you want to donate a penny per word. Or a certain amount of money every time I use a particular word. Or $10 per lolcat (looking at my past blogathons, I’d advise against this unless you’re wealthy).

Though this year I’ll start a new incentive: The people who make the top ten largest donations before 12:01am on Friday the 22nd will get to request a topic they want me to write about. You can do this either by leaving a comment with your ChipIn donation, or emailing me using the same email you donated with. I’m making the cut off early so I have a day to muse over these topics, so I don’t disappoint you with a completely asinine post. I’ll post the top donations (without donor information) on Thursday so you can attempt a last minute bid, or increase what you already donated.

But I warn you… Any super lewd or ridiculous requests will either be ignored or dealt with in the spirit of the monkey’s paw or the devil from Bedazzled. Do not try to out-clever me.

EDIT: And if you donate $5 or more, you’re entered into a raffle to win a signed copy of Michael Shermer’s new book, The Believing Brain. I have eight copies to give out!

And if you can’t donate, which I totally understand, I ask that you please help spread the word. Or email me/comment with blogging ideas (if I haven’t responded to one of your emails, it may be because I’m saving it). Or at the very least, keep me company during the blogathon! It gets lonely when it’s 5am and I’m blogging into the void.

Thanks for tolerating the info dump! And I hope you’ll be very entertained next Saturday.

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