If you’re from Purdue, a Lady Gaga fan, or follow me on Twitter, you know about the drama that went down last night. Lady Gaga was set to perform a sold out, super anticipated concert at Purdue, and after her two opening acts, she canceled the show. Apparently the whole day she was dizzy from exhaustion and dehydration and had even passed out at some point, and she wasn’t allowed to perform because the show had too many potentially dangerous mechanics.

I didn’t get tickets (thanks to all the assholes who bought 6 just to resell for $400 dollars), so I wasn’t as upset as everyone who was there. Actually, I’m kind of glad I wasn’t there, because there’s no rage worse than a gay rage. Purdue students were anywhere from pissed to depressed, and the newspapers were probably creaming their pants.

That’s not the interesting part, though. One of my sarcastic tweets got published in the student newspaper:
Ahahaha! This totally cracks me up. I almost missed it because I didn’t pick up a copy today, but my friend told me about it. Yeah, I’ve made the big time, guys. My tweets are getting published. I can just smell that book deal around the corner.

…Shhh, let me have my delusions of grandeur.