A bunch of people have told me they have had trouble commenting here lately. I’m going to attempt to fix the problem this weekend. If you’ve had issues commenting, please email me at blaghagblog(at)gmail(dot)com. To help me out, please include:

  1. What browser you’re using
  2. If you have anything like Adblock enabled
  3. How you’re attempting to login (blogger, twitter, facebook, disqus, etc)
  4. Exactly what sort of problem you’re having. Can you not log in? Are you clicking post and it’s never loading? Can you not edit posts? Does disqus open a portal to the nether-dimension? Let me know.

Sorry for everyone who’s been having issues. I blame Disqus, but I’ll try to fix it.

If you had issues either here or at your own blog but found ways to fix them, please let me know that too!