It’s December, which means every blog is somewhat required to pump out Top Ten lists looking back at the past year. I feel a bit haughty doing one about myself, seeing as this blog didn’t even exist for all of 2009 – but a couple of you guys requested it, so here you go. This also may be a nice little review for some of my newer readers who haven’t dug through all of my archived posts (I don’t blame you!). Here are my top 10 posts, determined by an unscientific mash up of my personal opinion and Google Analytics.

10. Comic (amazed this didn’t get me lynched)

9. Oh noes, atheists are taking over teh internets!!11!one!!

8. Darwin finds the best evidence against his theory (comic)

7. Purdue professor: Gays wasting our money on AIDS research

6. Natural Sexuality

5. Creation Museum Review: Start at part 1

4. Book Review: The Professor and the Dominatrix

3. You know what else is an abomination, Maine? Lobster

2. Anti-porn event – emotional appeals and dangerous information

1. What atheists wish would happen at the Creation Museum

Is there a favorite post of yours thank you think belongs in the top ten?