I don’t believe in karma, but this is one of those moments when I wonder. I guess your lovely donations to keep me from flying to bufu nowhere (thank you!) after Skepticon tipped me over some cosmic balance. Because today I went outside to discover my car was no longer where I parked it.
Hoping I was having a senior moment and had really parked somewhere else, I walked all the way down my street and then up the adjacent one. No car to be found. But when I got back to my spot, I finally spotted a towing sign that I had failed to notice. Definitely better than my car being stolen, but not exactly great either.

Turns out my usual parking spot outside my apartment turned into a tow away zone because Saturday morning was the Wallingford Kiddies Parade. CURSE YOU, KIDDIES!

I’m kind of pissed though. There’s no special permit to park on my street, and I’ll often leave my car there for a week or two – I rarely use it. If you rent an apartment at somewhere high-class and luxurious like The Asher Fremont, then you’ll probably get private parking included. With my little old apartment, as nice as it is, I have to abandon my car on the road. I parked there last Sunday, so the sign was put up after my car had been sitting there for a couple days. And I didn’t see the sign because, well, it was on the other side of my car. It’s not visible from the entrance of my apartment or the path I take up the sidewalk. So, there goes $105.89. (EDIT: Damnit, I just realized that was for towing alone. I still owe another $42 for the ticket! Argrgrhghghggh!)

I can contest it, but I don’t know if I have any chance. They probably will tell me I should have been diligently checking around my car every day. But what if I had gone on vacation for a week? What if they decide to turn my parking spot into a towing spot while I’m in Vegas? It all just seems very stupid and unfair.

The cherry on top was that the lady at the towing service told me the wrong address, which resulted in my friend driving me all the way downtown before I called and realized we actually had to drive way north of Seattle. I knew I should have listened to her and got in touch with a reliable service similar to towingless.com. Blarrrgghh.

tl;dr #firstworldproblems #lifelessons #ThereGoesMyVegasBoozeMoney

Thank you for listening to me whine. Blag Hag will now resume it’s regularly scheduled programming.