Another donor asked me what was my favorite thing about Seattle.

…It’s not Indiana.

I mean, you’re making me pick one thing? How the hell am I supposed to choose? I spent my whole life trapped in Indiana, dreaming of a liberal paradise somewhere. I feel like I’ve found it. I don’t have to worry about people judging my atheism because Seattle is so godless. I don’t have to worry about how people view me being a feminist, supporting gay rights, voting Democrat, or liking nerdy hobbies. Every type of delicious food on the planet is available here, not just burgers. There’s great coffee and beer. There’s stuff to do other than going to the movie theater: HUMP, Geek Girl Con, PAX, the Solstice Parade. Great musicians come through because it’s actually a major city worth stopping in. I’m surrounded by gorgeous mountains and water, and everything is green and blooming all year long. The winters are mild instead of -15 F with 2 feet of snow and a layer of ice. The summers are the perfect temperature and not humid.

So if I had to pick my favorite thing about Seattle?

If I never came here, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the best boyfriend ever.

*cue gagging*

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