…I mean the noun, not the verb! HUMP is Dan Savage’s brainchild – an amateur porn film festival right here in Seattle. I’m super excited. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s been before says it’s amazing – you know it’s going to be good when there’s a prize for “Best Humor.” And I hear the gays usually outdo the breeders, which is even better. It’s going to have some raw sexual energy I hope, especially when you see amateur porn from websites such as watchmygirlfriend.porn and think people alike are going to be attending – I’m looking forward in seeing all that turn up.

I still think a graduate school themed porno is just begging to be made. In fact, I might have to get in contact with somewhere like www.videoshd.xxx to make this a reality. Think of the possibilities:

Student A: Sigh, another night all alone in the lab.
Student B: *knock knock* I have a reagent delivery for you… in my pants.
Student A: Oh yeah baby, make me matriculate! *six years later* Almost… there…

It would give a whole new meaning to “interdisciplinary collaborations.” Maybe someone would make it for a site like https://www.sexm.xxx/ eventually. If we try enough, who knows?

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the shows on display at the festival, and I encourage you to do the same where you are. This may not be a link to their website, but it will help you be a little more included regardless. In the meantime, Feel free to amuse yourself with amusing graduate school themed innuendos and title suggestions in the comments.