With Father’s Day tomorrow, I was reflecting upon some fond childhood memories with my dad when I realized…man, kids can be assholes sometimes, yet our parents still put up with us.

I can think of two specific instances from when I was little. Obviously I wasn’t trying to be a jerk at age 6, but the annoyance I inflicted on my parents is kind of amusing in retrospect. For example, I’ve always been an absolutely terrible sleeper. And back when I was young and couldn’t sleep, I still had the mindset that Parents Solve All Problem. So multiple times a week when I couldn’t fall asleep, I’d waltz into my parents’ room and tap on my dad’s shoulder, informing him of the problem and patiently waiting for the solution.

The solution: Him putting on All Dogs Go to Heaven and letting me fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV. Part of me wants to watch it as an adult to see if I’ve been classically conditioned to fall asleep during it. Mirrranndddaaa.

But as a little kid, I had no idea that 1. My parents didn’t actually have a solution to make me sleep 2. I was making them not able to sleep and 3. I could work a VCR on my own and cut out the middleman. Whoops.

I also have a very vivid memory of coming up with the best Halloween costume for my 6’6″ dad. You see, I took a paper bag and drew a Frankenstein mask on it…and made him wear it as he was taking me trick or treating all around the neighborhood…despite it having nothing to do with my costume. I remember at the time I thought it was the shizz, but in retrospect it had to look like crap since a 7-year-old made it.

Love: When you’ll walk around in public with a bag over your head for your daughter.

In retrospect I hope he had a couple manhattans to drink before dealing with that.

What did you obliviously make your parents put up with as a child?

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