First my Dad friends me. Then my Mom’s like, “Wait, why did you friend your Dad and not me? Friend me too!” Then I think my Prof/Boss friends me so I accept his request, only to find out his friendship was merely suggested to me by a coworker, so in actuality I sent him a friend request. Then a minute ago I get a friend request from a cousin who is Republican, Christian, and a fan of Fox News and Sarah Palin.

Why, why?!?!

It’s a bit ironic because she comments on how the McCreights are bad at keeping touch and it would be a great way to get to know each other, but I have a hunch she would be appalled at most of the stuff on my facebook page. It really doesn’t surprise me though. I mean, she’s right, my dad’s side of the family doesn’t keep in touch at all, even though I have much more relatives there compared to my mom’s side (which is unusual for Greeks…). But the one thing I know is that something went horrendously wrong politics wise in my family:Seriously, how do two working class Democrats produce 1 Democrat (my dad) and 3 Republicans?* What went horribly wrong?!? Maybe this is the reason why we don’t keep in touch…

*The question marks are there because I seriously have no idea how many cousins or second cousins or probably third cousins (I’m the youngest cousin of the bunch) that I even have, especially because it seems like everyone has been remaried at least once or twice. The ones shown are just the ones I know the names of.** And my brothers didn’t arise by parthenogenesis, they just have a different mother that I was too lazy to draw.
**Actually, it’s kind of sad. I’ve done some genealogy stuff and I have an accurate family tree for the McCreights back to the 1700s (and for other branches back to the 1500s) yet I don’t know my modern relatives.