I’m not sure what it means that I only vaguely recalled what happened on Friday of the conference. Maybe I was exhausted from the previous day and spending my time listening to talks, or maybe those rooficoladas were really potent. Either way, Friday was sort of a blur.

I spent some of the talks filling in for Hemant whenever he had to step away from liveblogging to go do more important things like interview people or search for caffeine. Let me tell you, it was incredibly tempting to post embarrassing gossip on his twitter feed and blog, both of which were open for my abuse. Thankfully for Hemant, I resisted. Not to mention I learned all the really good gossip long after liveblogging was over, alas.Me plotting Hemant’s blogging demise.

At one point during the conference Eugenie Scott from the National Center for Science Education made a guest appearance! She had just finished hiking in the Grand Canyon and stopped by TAM before her flight. I did a little evolution fangirl flail and ran off to go meet her. I saw her speak at Evolution 2009, but was too shy to say hello at the time. This time I got to say hello, squee about evolution a bit, and squee even more when she said she knew about boobquake and liked it.And after the last talk, I got to meet Brian Keith Dalton, better known as Mr. Deity! I absolutely love Mr. Deity, so that was pretty fun. Also, I think he was one of the handful of people who didn’t know what boobquake was. This was oddly refreshing in a way.
That night some of us had dinner in the Mexican restaurant. I’m convinced their margaritas did not contain any alcohol. Actually, I’m convinced none of the mixed drinks in South Point actually contained any alcohol. I gave up on getting even the slightest buzz and eventually switched to beer for the rest of TAM. If you know how much I dislike beer, you understand how drastic of a step this was.

The Del Mar wasn’t super exciting that night, so Hemant showed me various geeky math stuff, including how to calculate poker probabilities in order to improve our chances of winning at Pick7.bet / Non UK Casinos… I swear that is not a euphemism for something. Anyway, now I know enough about poker to not just randomly bet and hope I end up with something, woo. But knowing me, I’ll probably forget everything that I’ve learned when I place my bet, and that won’t do me any good. Maybe I should read this ultimate guide to pay by phone casino sites to see how I can practice my skills by depositing money directly from my phone. I’ve even heard that they just add it to your phone bill at the end of the month, so this could actually work in my favor. If it means that I have a higher chance of winning some money, then I’m all for it, and you should be too. If you’re wanting to learn some information so you can start gambling and playing poker, you might want to check out this article and others that can educate you on the world of gambling for more success. I actually saw the World Series of Poker on at the restaurant I went to tonight and remembered what he told me, so I guess he’s a good math teacher after all!

Saturday was a bit more exciting since I actually had enough sleep to function. Since I was speaking on Sunday, I was invited to this little speakers reception around dinner time. I was able to speak to Pamela Gay and Debbie Goddard a lot, and Phil asked me to sign something for this special little thing he’s going to do (sorry, you’ll have to wait for him to announce it!). I also saw Richard Saunders of Skeptic Zone again (who was charming), but this time got a photo.I also got a quick photo with Paul Kurtz and James Randi, though I didn’t get to talk to them at all since they were running off to something.