In less than 24 hours I’ll be sitting in Las Vegas with a hoard of skeptics and heathens! Needless to say, I’m super excited for TAM8. I haven’t been sleeping well the last two nights because I keep thinking of all the awesome things that are about to go down.

Some things I’m specifically looking forward to:

  • Richard Dawkiiiiinnnns! Sorry, but as an atheist and an evolutionary biologist, I totally fangirl over Dawkins. If I get a photo with him I’ll be so happy.
  • But in general, meeting people! Especially my readers and all the random celebrities that’ll be there. Right now I’m giddy, but I’m sure once I’m there and Adam Savage is standing 10 feet from me I’ll be peeing my pants. Oh, and a friend has requested that I grope at least one celebrity. I think the likelihood of this actually happening is contingent upon how many drinks I have during the socials. And that is contingent upon how many drinks people buy me, since I am still a cheap college student, haha.
  • The workshops on Feminism and Sex. Of course I had to sign up for those!
  • The Skepchick Bordello party. Though I pretty much don’t have a costume. Sorry, being from Indiana does not automatically mean I can easily dress up like a cowgirl.
  • Rooming with Hemant and Jamie. Yes! It’s like a big godless slumber party! I can just see us settling down for the night in our onesies and pyjamas. Just imagine, we can paint each others’ nails and play Never Have I Ever all night. Except I hate nail polish and I always lose at that game since I can never think of something I haven’t done.

But don’t worry, I’m not just going to abandon you guys. Again, I have some posts set up for the days I’ll be gone. Don’t expect any posts from TAM while I’m there, though. Wifi in the conference room is $25 an hour, and $12 a night for our hotel room, soooo…uh, yeah, no internet for me (I don’t have an iPhone either). But I will be tweeting like crazy, so keep checking my twitter page.

And for those of you who are also going…say hello! I’ll admit I get a little social anxiety when I’m in big crowds, and I’m more comfortable with people approaching me than me approaching people. So if you don’t say hi, I’m probably going to go lurk in a corner and stare at various celebrities in total fear. Except for if I’ve had a couple of drinks in me – so expect my anxiety to be obliterated at all the social functions.

Oh, yeah, and I’m speaking on Sunday. Bright and early at 8:45am on Skepticism, Humor, and Going Viral: What We Can Learn from Boobquake. Considering the Skepchick Bordello party is the night before and rides back don’t start until 1am…yeah, I’m doomed. If anyone comes despite their horrible hangover and sleep deprivation, I’ll greatly appreciate it!

Now, I still have to go pack up my entire apartment since I’m moving back to my parents’ house the day after I get back…and my lab is having a going away dinner for me tonight. Busy busy!