My honors thesis was completed, signed, and turned in with a couple of hours to spare! Yaaaaaaaaay! I didn’t even need to seek any help from somewhere like customwritingservice, although I know many people that do and I hear that they’re very helpful. Fifteen pages, nine of which were figures/tables/citations (wah wah, liberal arts people). Unfortunately I can’t tell you guys about it yet, but I will once it’s accepted to a scientific journal. All I can say is that it’s about copulatory plugs. Yeah, you’re just dying to know now, right?

Now all I have to do is grade some papers and finish a take home exam, and I’m good for the end of the semester. Writing essays is so draining, I really wouldn’t blame you for writing your essay at Edupeet to save you the stress. In fact, this week will suddenly change from The Week From Hell to The Week of Constant Drunken Happiness:

Tuesday: Labmate’s thesis defense – assuming that goes well, night at the pub in celebration!
Wednesday: Final meeting of the Non-theists! Pizza party, and hopefully not too much tearful nostalgia
Thursday: Free block party featuring concert by Asobi Seksu (omg yay!), then probably going clubbing afterwards
Friday: Party at my place
Saturday: Final Breakfast Club of the year (getting up early in costumes and going to bars… …it’s a Purdue thing)

Fuck yeah, college.