I’ll be in the Big Apple from Wed, August 18th to Wednesday, August 25th – yep, that’s the new travel destination I hinted at earlier! I absolutely can’t wait! I’ll be busy with something super exciting on the 18th and 19th – you’ll find the exact details why later today when I have enough time to properly squee*. This cruel teaser post is for three things:

1. What awesome things do I have to see in NYC? I’ve never been there before. My brother and sister-in-law live in Brooklyn and are prepared to show me neat places, but I’m still open to suggestions. Preparing for my trip to New York has bought back memories of when we were searching for apartments for rent for my brother before they first moved there, and I remember thinking about all of the sights that I wanted to see then. As I said, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I want to see as many things as possible.

2. Since invariably someone will ask me this whenever I’m traveling…If I have any readers in/near NYC that want to meet for a pub night, now’s your chance to speak up in the comments. Please let me know which nights (20th through 24th) do or do not work for you. It’ll be somewhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan, depending on what works for people.

3. If anyone know how to hook me up with a ticket for the Daily Show or Colbert Report, I’ll give you my undying love/immortal soul/one million internet points. Not just people with connections – tips on finding a ticket are appreciated. I’m dying to go, and I’m willing to exploit boobquake for a seat if necessary (“But Colbert Report staff, you talked about me on the show! Surely you can sneak me in? *puppy eyes*”)

*If you’re a friend who knows what it is, please humor me by not ruining my dramatic suspense in the comments :P