I’m all checked in to the dorms at OSU for the Secular Student Alliance conference, so time for a quick blog post before the conference starts! I’ll talk about serious stuff later when I have more time. Here are just some fun things.

Here’s a glimpse of the line of heathens waiting to get into the Creation Museum. This is before everyone got there, these are just the early people:
This is one of the first things you see when you enter the museum: a little girl with a dinosaur. I swear this girl fell right smack dab in the middle of the uncanny valley. She freaked the hell out of me when she would look straight at you.Josh and I enjoyed this exhibit sign:ZOMG DINOSAURS!No, not for people who believe this insane stuff:Look! Atheist Evangelist! How appropriate:A glimmer of hope in the museum:And just to rub it in:I like how much more excited I look than PZ, hahaha.

Fast forward to OSU:

After we had checked into our rooms, we noticed Wife Swap was playing on TV. Ironically, an atheist swapped with a super religious family (not the famous one with the crazy “God’s Warrior”, a new one). Then PZ walks in to check in, and after he’s done he came to see what we were watching. There’s something oddly cool about me, Mark, and Josh sitting and laughing at a horrifying and ironic episode of Wife Swap with PZ. Oh, and even better – PZ’s room is directly across the hall from me. Seriously.

And this was just the cherry on top:

Bus full of cheerleaders suddenly appears out of no where
Me: Hey Mark, proof there is a God!
Mark: …Wait, no, they’re jailbait!
Me: Never mind, proof there is no God.

More fun stuff later. Have to find food now!