On Wednesday, March 3rd I’ll be hopping on another plane to my grad school interview at Stanford. The Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics (AHA!) at Stanford have been nice enough to invite me to give a little talk! I’ll be discussing my experiences as an atheist blogger, touching on my thoughts about the atheist blogosphere, how my blog rose to popularity, and what it’s like being a woman in a male dominated community.

When: Wednesday, March 3 at 7 pm
Where: Old Union 201 at Stanford University
Who: Me!

It’ll probably be pretty informal (ie, I will probably only have time to work on it on the plane), so come with fun questions to ask me. I won’t be able to hang around afterward since I’m off to an Official Grad School Dinner, so try to make it to the event!

Thanks so much for inviting me, AHA! I feel pretty special to have my own bio and everything. Let’s just pray to the FSM that my flight doesn’t get delayed…