Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Kamloops, British Columbia to speak at the Imagine No Religion Conference. It should be a lot of fun! It’s a smaller group than a big national conference, but still has awesome speakers like PZ, Mr. Deity, and Nate Phelps. And some blogger chick who’s going to rant about misogyny in religion, or something like that.

I’m not sure if I have any Canadian tradition I forgot to check out when I spoke in Vancouver. I mean, I ate poutine and learned about Canadian politics – what more is there do to? Though I hear I probably shouldn’t bring up Canadian politics right now, ahem… Hey, at least your conservatives aren’t as bad as ours, right?

Anyway, I apologize that I haven’t been producing as many substantial posts lately. The end of the quarter is approaching, which means things are a little crazy on my end. Have a presentation next week, need to finish my research, then make a presentation for that, then choose a lab that I’ll be in for the next four years… Just a tad bit busy. But fear not, my real posts will return soon!