Cat Etiquette

I’ve found my new favorite comic. This fits Pixel so perfectly I’m convinced kitty spy cameras are in my apartment:

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The War on Christmas: Now with biological warfare

I’d totally go buy a little Christmas tree just to hang these adorable ornaments:Of course, I’d rather buy the normal plush microbes to stick in the tree so I can keep displaying them all year long… But come on, how can you not love mononucleosis underneath some mistletoe?! So adorable.

…Yes, I know: biologists are weird.

Science can cure disease and make things adorable at the same time!

A recent study by the University of Rochester Medical Center has found that the same chemical used to color blue M&Ms and blue Gatorade can also be used to heal spine injuries. The chemical, Brilliant Blue G (BGG) blocks P2X7, known as the “Death Receptor.” This stops the signal that tells motor neurons to undergo apoptosis (cell death). When rats with spinal cord injuries were injected with BGG, they were able to walk again with a limp.

How awesome is that?

And BGG has the added benefit of making rats extra adorable. They go from this:
To this:Want. Now.