Greta Christina points out a few more problematic elements of David Eller’s talk. I didn’t talk about them because I only half-heard them – I was distracted from carefully crafting my comment during the Q&A. Let’s just say when I heard “Jen” and “boobs,” I was kind of glad I didn’t hear the rest of the statement.
And I’d like to make a quick clarification. When I said “I had three very inappropriate remarks made during the conference about my chest”? That wasn’t the total amount of remarks about my chest – those were just the “very inappropriate” ones that crossed the line. I lost track of the number of boob jokes I received this weekend, thanks to mentioning boobquake on my talk on edginess (at the request of the event organizer).

Which is why I’m done speaking about boobquake at conferences. I’ve already said no to groups who wanted me to talk about it, and suggested another topic. I think we can learn interesting things from what happened, but I’m just sick of how people see it as a green light for sexual harassment. I can only tolerate so much.