My friend just alerted me to this article over at DailyTech that claims Kirk Cameron was physically at Purdue University on Thursday handing out Ray Comfort’s creationism-sullied Origin. My initial reaction was something along the lines of “Wait. What? WHAT? AAHHHH! HOW DID WE MISS HIM?! ARRGHHABBABBLL!” Then I actually took the time to slowly read the article. It didn’t include much more information, other than this picture with the following caption:

Kirk Cameron poses with students at Purdue University, holding copies of “On The Origin of Species”, containing a controversial intro he helped pen. (Source: Living Waters)

If you remember my post about our counter-protest, Thursday was cold, rainy, and miserable. You would be hard pressed to find any student not bundled up in multiple, water-proof layers and clinging to their umbrella…or to find a single spot on campus sunny and dry enough for this photo. Either God sent down a ray of brilliant sunlight just for Cameron’s photo op, or this article is full of crap.

I’m going with my “full of crap” theory. The article also claims “Scientists on campus rallied against the handout with a handout of their own…” when it was actually the Society of Non-Theists who were performing the counter-protest. I checked the article they linked to over at NBC Chicago, and it only mentions that Cameron was behind the movement, not physically at Purdue. They also failed to mention the Non-Theists, but we got a plug in the Chicago Tribune!

So has anyone else heard anything about this? I’m pretty certain he wasn’t here – can’t imagine the local news places wouldn’t pick up on that.

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