Hemant Mehta of Friendly Atheist is living up to his name – he’s started a scholarship fund for Damon Fowler, and it’s already raised $3,000 overnight! This isn’t just a fund to commend Damon for his bravery and support of the separation of church and state, or some sort of band-aid for the ostracism and death threats. Damon is leaving to live with his brother because of this, and his parents are likely to remove all financial aid for college. The Chip-In widget is at the very bottom of that post.
If you want to help in other ways, I encourage you to write an email to the school board and administration patiently explaining why this is illegal. Or for more long term help, join a local or national secular organization like the Freedom from Religion Foundation (which is on this case and also offered Damon a $1,000 scholarship) or the Secular Student Alliance (which support high school and college secular student organizations). Cases like Damon’s are going to be popping up more and more throughout the country, and we need to be able to support these students.