Oh, Vatican. Can you ever say something without shoving your foot in your mouth? It’s great that you revised your laws to make disciplining sex-abuser priest easier, but you couldn’t just stop at that, could you?

But what astonished many Catholics was the inclusion of the attempt to ordain women in a list of the “more grave delicts,” or offenses, which included pedophilia, as well as heresy, apostasy and schism. The issue, some critics said, was less the ordination of women, which is not discussed seriously inside the church hierarchy, but the Vatican’s suggestion that pedophilia is a comparable crime in a document billed a response to the sexual abuse crisis.

Ah, yes. Women with power – just as bad as child molesters!

Not to mention heresy and apostasy are also lumped with pedophilia. Anyone who has spoken out against Catholicism? All you former Catholics? Same level as child molesters. Congratulations.