Apparently many Christians on Twitter were repeating the saying “No God, No Peace; Know God, Know Peace.” They were retweeting it to try to spread the word. Well, it became the top trending topic, but kind of backfired on them…
Yes, Twitter’s algorithm made “No God” and “Know Peace” trending topics, much to Christians’ chagrin. Whoopsie! Then I had to go start instigating things

Let’s hijack the trending topic, shall we? There is probably No God, so get over it and enjoy your lives #atheism

And promoting my fellow instigators

Know god, no peace; No god, know peace. #atheism

But if you want a really good laugh, go take a look at the “No God” thread. It’s mostly Christians freaking out that “No God” became a trending topic, even though it was their own fault. It’s quite amusing!

Feel free to join in in the tweeting!