So I was lamenting earlier about my failure to come up with interesting group activities for my atheist organization. The same member quoted in that post just came up with a great idea – a Photo Scavenger Hunt! Grouping up members and making them take photos of themselves doing silly things or in front of silly things before a time limit runs out. “That’s not as awesome as an orgy!” you say. Well I disagree! Why? Because it’s going to be a Freethinking Photo Scavenger Hunt! With wonderful items on the scavenger hunt list like:

– Depict evolution somehow
– Laugh/cry in front of a place of worship
– Act out your favorite ridiculous scene from a holy book


Now all I have to do is finalize the list by Sunday…but I figure a lot of you here are even more creative/hilarious than I am, so I’m going to ask for your help. What do you want to see on that scavenger hunt list? Email me at jmccreig(at)

DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS WITH IDEAS IN THEM BELOW OR I WILL DELETE THEM AND SMITE YOU WITH A FIREY HEATHEN RAGE! General comments about how awesome this idea is are okay, but I don’t want club members getting a sneak peak at the list (especially since a lot read my blog). You’ll probably get some of the best photos posted here, so put those thinking caps on!