I was trying to come up with various new ways that people could pledge for Blogathon. Money based on word count or insightful posts is nice, but not particularly amusing. If Blogathon is to be truly entertaining, I think it should be participatory. That’s why I’m suggesting a drinking game!

…I just graduated from college, deal with it.

I’ll get us started. Please suggest new rules in the comments. They can be specific to a certain blog (House rules!) or apply to blogs in general. I’ll give alcoholic quantities here, but feel free to exchange them for monetary amounts if you wish to use them to donate to Blogathon.

The Atheist Blogger Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever…
…the blogger uses a synonym for atheist (“godless,” “heathen,” “infidel”)
…the blogger links to another atheist blog
…there’s a joke about eating babies (use caution when reading Friendly Atheist)
…a troll appears in the comments
…a famous atheist is name-dropped

Finish your drink whenever…
…there’s a story that praises religious people for doing something awesome (that isn’t sarcastic)
…the blogger accidentally links to a Poe

Finish everything in the house whenever…
…the blogger converts to a religion other than Pastafarianism

10am CST may be a bit early to start, but hey, it’s Happy Hour somewhere, right?

…And of course I’m not trying to get people inebriated to make them more likely to donate money. Pssshhhh, what do you think I am, some godless heathen?

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