Yesterday was the activities bonanza, an outdoor event where student organizations try to get the attention of random passers-by. Overall, it went very well for the Non-theists. We had 35 people sign up for our mailing list, many more people who were interested, and some religious people who talked to us and reacted very positively.

There was one exception, though, and of course the person came when I was in class. Though this is the basic conversation I was told happened:

Old guy: Why don’t you believe in god?
Student: Well, we don’t have enough proof.
Old guy: I have proof. He healed my peg leg.
Student: …
Old guy: How can you be moral without religion?
Student: Would you rape and murder if you found out there is no god?
Old guy: No, but I’m a molester in my heart
Student: …

Needless to say, that was kind of a conversation stopper. What do you say to a guy like that? The people who openly admit that they need religion in order to not do horrible things? I’m all for rational thought and atheism – but buddy, you go right ahead and keep believing in Jesus.