The finish line to the semester is in sight… Just pooped out my two extra credit papers for Learning, have to sit through two more classes (very sad that Evolution of Behavior is ending…best class EVER), hastily finish my genetics assignment and email it to the prof before 5 pm, type away at my programming assignment and turn it in before 10 pm… though I’m almost done, so it shouldn’t take that long…gahhhh…. must… hold on…. crawl across the finish line on my hands and knees… finals don’t even matter …*sputter* *collapse*

I will do a little celebratory dance when I submit my final python programming assignment. It was a stupid introductory 100 level class, yet it was harder than my 500 level biology classes. Sadness. I just don’t think I have the brain for programming, as I’m really not mathematically oriented. Not to mention computers are like a magical black box to me. I want to be able to random push buttons and have stuff happen, not actually think how to make the computer do that. Sadness. Oh well. I have to admit I did learn a lot, though probably not enough to actually write useful programs.

On a lighter note, my TA for that class that grades our lab assignments is a club member (and now the Society of Non-Theists secretary, woo) and friend, so I left her a little present in our comment section: