Jesse Galef, Communications Director for the Secular Student Alliance, appeared on CNN this morning discussing the recent Pew survey that found a growing number of Millennials are doubting the existence of God.

Get Jesse signed up for the Jedi Academy right now. I have no idea how he kept his cool during such an inane, biased interview that accused the SSA of “indoctrinating children.” You know who indoctrinates children? Every religion on the planet. I guess all those people who were baptized as infants and forced to attend church throughout their childhood don’t count as being indoctrinated…but teenagers voluntarily wanting to discuss God’s existence? Indoctrination!!!

Despite Jesse smiling his way through the interview and being polite where I would have popped a vein, people are still upset. Jesse and JT at the SSA office immediately received angry phone calls from an individual who called them faggots, threatened to “shut them down,” asked how they’d feel sweeping their teeth into dustpans, and said he’d come to their office at 1pm to tear his head off.

Christian compassion, everybody. Thankfully the guy never showed up.

This is why what the SSA is doing is so important. We’re assisting students who are organizing on their own, and we’re seen as indoctrinating the youth. We appear on the news to amicably talk about that support, and we receive a death threat. Our existence is threatening to the religious because our existence says “You’re wrong.”

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