Us nonbelievers claim to be highly rational and logical…but, well, let’s admit it. Sometimes we do some pretty silly, irrational things. For example, the thing that made me make this post:This is my closet right now. Notice how the clothes hamper is on top of the giant pile of dirty laundry, rather than filled with it. Can I explain how the hell this happened? …No.

I know I have other things I’m irrational about, and they bug me even more because I can recognize that I’m being irrational. If you’ve spent enough time around in my real life, you know I’m stubborn. I mean, really stubborn, to the point where I’ll start irrationally defending my position and refuse to back down. It’s weird because I know I’m doing it, yet I can’t seem to stop myself.

I also have irrational body image issues, but I’m pretty sure that’s 95% of females out there. I was a chubby, overly tall, awkward little kid who got teased a lot about her weight – and that’s stuck with me, even though I’m not overweight at all now. Rational Jen can step back and see someone attractive in the mirror, but there are times when I just do not feel cute. This usually manifests when I need to go clothes shopping. I have a hell of a time finding stuff that fits because I’m not 5 feet tall and don’t have A cups, and it drives me crazy. I know I’m skinnier than the average American woman, and I really love my boobs, but American fashion is enough to drive me into irrational “you’re such a fatty” mode.*

What irrational things do you?

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