Nope, not Dalmatians! The Atheist Blogroll, “a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world” that’s run by Mojoey over at Deep Thoughts, has finally grown to more than a thousand blogs! Who was the lucky number 1000? …Me! I say lucky because Martinpribble actually signed up before me, but forgot his url, so go check out his blog too (looks like he has some awesome rock climbing photos over there, if you’re into that).

I think I may possibly get new people stopping by, so let me awkwardly introduce myself. I’m a nerdy biology-loving chick trapped in Indiana and the president of my university’s student group for atheists. I like to draw silly comics, talk about sex (a lot), cringe at atheists behaving badly, behave masochisticly by visiting religious things like the Creation Museum, and of course (and predominantly), ramble about atheism and religion.

So…uh…hello blogosphere, interwebs, etc!