I’m home from the Society of Non-Theists’ callout, eating a late dinner and drinking a much needed beer. I personally think callouts are the most stressful events to hold because they really set the precedent for the year. Can’t have people come to events if they don’t know about your club. They’re extra stressful when people keep tearing down or vandalizing your flyers, which we deal with all the time. So, how’d it go?

Holy crap. It was standing room only! We have our regular room that has 94 seats, and it’s never even been filled to capacity (well, we’ve had some larger events, but I reserve a larger room). To put this in perspective for you, our first year we had about 90 people (keep in mind we’re brand new so this is from all grade levels), second year 60 (now basically recruiting new students), and most clubs get 10 – maaaybe 40 people at a callout unless they’re huge and popular. We are now huge and popular.

And as a special side note, out of all of my stupid jokes or random ideas, the thought to go see the evangelical Porn & Popcorn night then go watch real porn got a thundering applause.

People who tear our flyers down because you’re afraid we even exist? Yeah, you’re not stopping us.