There’s a new Pew Research study out called “Blacks Upbeat about Black Progress, Prospects,” and there’s a little nugget of information on atheists that I wanted to point out…

But there is one new spouse that most Americans would have trouble accepting into their families: someone who does not believe in God. Seven-in-ten people who are affiliated with a religion say they either would not accept such as marriage (27%) or be bothered before coming to accept it (42%).

Doesn’t sound too good, does it? But how does this compare to people’s views of interracial marriages? Is it just a couple percentage points higher?
Nope, there’s a huge difference in the disapproval. I’m elated we’ve made such progress on interracial marriage, don’t get me wrong – but this is yet another piece of evidence on the discriminatory views people have towards atheists. It’s frightening that nearly 3 in 10 people will not be able to come to acceptance of such a marriage. What a loving, understanding way to treat your family.

(Hat tip to RHB)